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July 10, 2011
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            It seemed like a typical day at the Phantomhive manor as the servants performed their daily duties around the mansion while the young master, Ciel Phantomhive, proved to be just as busy with paperwork involving the many investigations that came with his position as the Queen's Watchdog. A crash was heard coming from the kitchen, causing a certain butler to give a sigh as he went to investigate what he was certain to be Meirin's clumsiness breaking stacks of dishes again. This time, as usual, he was proven to be right as he stepped through the door to find the maid sprawled out on the floor, surrounded by shards of shattered china. "Gah, I'm so clumsy!" Meirin pouted, getting to her feet with a blush as she noted Sebastian's presence. "I didn't mean to, Sebastian! I'm so sorry!" the distressed maid cried.
      "We could avoid this if you held only one dish at a time, Meirin. I will clean up this mess in a moment, but I suggest you be more careful next time." Sebastian sighed, seeming to be frustrated. Anyone would be if he had gone over a concept as many times as Sebastian had. He walked to the supply closet to grab a broom and he looked up as he heard a child's laughter in the distance. It would be quite interesting if the young master laughed from time to time, but if only I knew how to make this happen, Sebastian thought to himself, a smirk playing on his lips as an idea came to mind. For some reason, he couldn't help but think of his encounter with the Undertaker as he considered a rather distinct possibility. He was eager to test his idea, but the demonic butler knew it was best to wait until nighttime, when Ciel's guard would be lowest. With a plan formulating in his mind, Sebastian Michaelis worked his duties tirelessly for the rest of the day, which included cleaning up after the other servants' mistakes.

Now is the time to test my theory, Sebastian thought as he dressed Ciel for bed. He slowly removed the boy's shirt, admiring how smooth and creamy his skin appeared to be. Sebastian would even go as far as to secretly admit that the young master had a fine body for a 12-year-old. His gloved hands reached for Ciel's abdomen, causing the boy to cast a confused look toward the demon. "Sebastian. What do you think you are doing?" Ciel questioned, gazing at his butler with his visible deep blue eye.
   "Nothing that concerns you, Bocchan." Sebastian replied with a smirk. He trailed his fingers across Ciel's flat belly, his smirk growing wider as the boy gasped and instinctively jerked backwards.

    "Sebastian! How dare you touch me in such a way!" Ciel hissed, protecting his abdomen with a frail-looking arm.

    "Tsk Tsk, Bocchan. It's common knowledge that every child loves to be tickled." the butler replied, smirking at his young master's newfound weakness. He grabbed Ciel with a gentle yet firm grip, wiggling two fingers under the 12-year-old's arms.

     "I do-ahaha-not!" Ciel growled, writhing in Sebastian's clutches and attempting to bite back his giggles, failing miserably as a fit of adorable laughter escaped him. "Sebastian, that is enough! Hehehehehehahahahahaha Sebahahahahastian!!"

"My lord, with all respect, I am enjoying this far too greatly to stop now." Sebby chuckled, dropping his hands to his sides and giving them a good squeeze, grinning as Ciel let out an uncharacteristic squeak.

Ciel was growing increasingly irritated at his butler's behavior; He couldn't stand the fact that Sebastian was enjoying himself at his young master's own expense. He was snapped from his thoughts by Sebastian's fingers wiggling around on his belly, and he gasped in an attempt to control his laughter as he squirmed wildly in a desperate attempt to escape. "SEHEHEHEHEHEBAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHASTIAN!!!!!!!" Ciel yelped in laughter as Sebastian's nimble fingers ravaged his body. Sebastian continued tickling the boy for several minutes, relishing every little sound that escaped the young earl. "Sebastian, release me now!" Ciel demanded, absolutely helpless when Sebastian tossed him on the bed and grabbed his ankles. Ciel's visible eye widened as he realized what Sebby was planning. "I mean what I said, Sebastian! Let go!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!" Ciel almost screamed with insane laughter as Sebastian's fingers trailed up and down his arches.

"As I said, I am enjoying myself too much to stop at this moment." he smirked, wiggling his fingers at the young master's toes.

"BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!" Ciel laughed even harder, now too busy being in hysterics to even struggle anymore. I can't take much more of this, the young earl thought to himself as he raised his arm and moved the eyepatch on his right eye, revealing the symbol of his contract with Sebastian. "Sebastian, stop this right now!!! THAT IS AN ORDER!!!!!!"

Sebastian released Ciel's feet and allowed the young earl to catch his breath before bowing before the 12-year-old. "Yes, my Lord." he replied in a teasing tone.

"I should be asleep by now. Dress me, Sebastian." Ciel panted as he glared at the butler.

"Bocchan, I know that you enjoyed this bit of fun we've had tonight. Even if you don't admit to me, you should at least admit it to yourself." the butler chuckled as he brushed the hair from Ciel's sweat and tear-streaked face.

What if he's right? What if I actually enjoyed it? There's no chance that I'm going to admit it to that creature! the young earl muttered, unable to help the flush that filled his face with color.  "Just dress me so I can rest."

"Of course, Bocchan," Sebastian gave a teasing smirk as he finished dressing Ciel, gently and lovingly tucking the tired boy into bed. He prepared to walk through the doorway when Ciel's voice stopped him in his tracks.


"What is your request?" Sebastian inquired, not turning around as he held the candle in his hand.

"Stay by my bedside until I fall asleep." came the boy's response.

"Yes, my lord." the demon smiled slightly as he placed the candle on Ciel's nightstand, sitting by the young earl's side as he drifted off to sleep.
I'm a little off on my game, but there are nowhere near enough Kuroshitsuji tickle fics in my opinion. So I'm contributing to the cause. Hope you enjoy it!
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